Enemy Lines - Newcastle United

Kevin Nolan returns to the Reebok for the first time with Newcastle this weekend and we have caught up with some of their fans ahead of the game.

Did a season in the Championship ultimately end up being a good thing for your club?

martincass87:I think it was a good thing at this moment in time, we got rid of a lot of dead wood who weren't bothered about the club but just wanted their big pay slip.

GeordieDaz: yes, loads of prima donna's like owen and duff etc bailed, and over paid players who simply weren't good enough like martins and viduka also bailed, left a squad of players who were small but were proud to wear the shirt, and they were made in that league into a fighting unit, which is reaping rewards this season.

Killswitch: Yes and no.

Yes - it meant some of the lazy ,greedy players we had went & it left a team who wanted to play together . Some players were given a chance to step up and took it like Carroll who i rated higher than our forwards last time we were in the premiership when he couldn't get in the team.

The Championship was like a breath of fresh air , opposition fans for the most part genuine football fans who create an atmosphere , went drinking with quite a few - total contrast to some premiership clubs. An unexpected manager given a chance and showing promise.

No - The club never should have been allowed to drift into this position but we've been in the lap of our last idiot chairman and now one that's been worse. Neither one can make a football decision to save their lives because they don't look for the right advice and rely on cronies and their own limited knowledge. As it is we've lost ground that we are now going to spend years making up , financially and in terms of attracting players.

What’s the main difference between Newcastle now and the Newcastle that were relegated a couple of years back?

Overtrick: Starting to get some stability back, players who play for the club and their manager, not their paycheck

Barney7: The so-called "big" or "star" players have p*ssed off, which has left a tightly knit unit that fights for each other

GeordieDaz: got to be the fighting spirit and togetherness which had been missing for years, also in the past we have been labelled as "over optimistic" with how we view newcastle united, now all fans are singing the same tune "we'll take 17th now" anything higher is a bonus

After a good start to the season, is survival still the main aim or are you now aiming higher?

GatesheadMag: Survival is definitely the objective, said at the start of the season and nothing has changed, 17th and above is good enough, very tight at the minute and everything can go tits up very quickly!

Barney7: Our squad is still paper thin so it must remain our main concern, unless our "generous" owner decides to hand over some of his cash

Killswitch: Survival anything else is a bonus. I guessed at 15th pre season and i still think that's about right

Are you worried at all that Chris Hughton’s contract situation may lead to another ‘revolving door’ of managers at your club?

Overtrick: My heart says "no", but you just never know with this club. Not worried at the moment though, still got a while and it will get sorted in the new year hopefully.

Killswitch: Always a worry at our club - see earlier answer about our chairman. Contrary to what some lazy people who only read the press unlike a direct exchange of view with fans like this , you will find the majority of our fans think it's all about survival and are nervous about it. Geordies are realistic whatever you may see on Sky Sports.

GeordieDaz: Not worried in the slightest, club said ages ago that a new contract would be discussed in the new year, it's just the cockney media trying to heap pressure on our club and forcing the issue months before the club are ready to do anything. If they say the new year is when it will be discussed then thats when it will be discussed i never understood the problem the media had with that, the board, fans, plyers all back Hughton, there is not drama about this.

What do you make of the so-called ‘New Bolton’ under Owen Coyle? How far do you think he can take us?

martincass87: I wasn't really a fan of Bolton under the Fat Sam but now Coyle has you playing the ball around and you are a good solid side and decent to watch. I've watched Bolton a couple of times this year and ive been very impressed with that Lee but all the praise goes to Davies and Lee gets no mention of anything.

Poz: Best Bolton team yet. You seem to have cleared the deadwood and have a good squad of players with a smattering of class. Top ten is very possible now.

Overtrick: I enjoy watching Bolton play now, no reason you cannot finish within the top 10, maybe push further

Which players, from either side, are going to be key if one team is going to take all three points tomorrow?

GatesheadMag: Obviusly going to say carroll for us, but also Nolan. He's going to love it tomorrow and it'll be good to see him get a good reception from your lot.

Got to say Elmander for yous after that brilliance last week, and very wary of Petrov, hope Colo, Williamson, Simpson and Jose are on their game.

GeordieDaz: For us, gotta be Carroll and Nolan, you're lucky our two best players in barton and tiote are missing as i think we may have beaten you. Your players Elmander and Muamba look good mind

Overtrick: Definitely Davies for Bolton, and maybe Elmander. For us, Carroll, Jonas, and whoever is playing on the right wing tomorrow, depending if they can put some good balls into Carroll

And finally, a prediction. The Trotters or the Toon?

GatesheadMag: Right now i would take a draw, but my heart's going for an optimistic 2-1 newcastle.

martincass87: I think this will be a tough game, My Head says 1-0, My heart says 1-2

GeordieDaz: I was hopeful before two of our best players were made unavailable, now i think a 1-1 draw. My heart says we'll sneak a 2-1 but i wouldnt bet on it.

Poz: Trotters 1-0 you've met us when we are weakened in midfield.

Barney7: A tight 2-1 to the toon.

Overtrick: I would be happy with a draw, I think it will be Bolton 2-1 Newcastle, Bolton scoring in the 70th minute to win it.

Killswitch: I'd be delighted with any kind of result with your teams form but i think you'll probably edge it 2-1

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